Luckey – HyperSensor DS

The Luckey HyperSensor DS is a door status sensor that allows you to monitor the status of your doors, open or closed, anytime.
Door sensors create safe homes and offices by warning against intrusion at access points that open often. They can work equally well with doors, windows, and cabinets.

Note: the Luckey HyperSensor DS can only be used in combination with a Sofia HyperGate Pro

Door status in Dashboard

Install an HyperSensor DS

The HyperSensor DS is installed with the mobile application dedicated to the installer users: Jago Tools. The application allows the installer to easily associate a sensor to a Sofia HyperGate Pro and a Smart Lock. This way the system will know which door your want to monitor

Monitoring the status of a Door

Once the sensor is in place, you can find a quick overview of your monitored doors in your Luckey Web Dashboard. There your will be able to see the current status of the sensor for every door you’re monitoring.

You can find more information also on the Smart Lock details section, like the History of the Sensor.
The History shows the open/close cycle of the door for the selected period, allowing you to export the data in a format of your convenience.

Door status History