Luckey Floor Plans

Luckey offers a Floor Plans feature, empowering administrators to visualize and manage smart locks within their building layout. This feature enhances security management by providing a clear overview of lock placements and activities.

Create and Manage Floor Plans

Administrators can easily create and manage floor plans using the intuitive Editor mode. This allows for seamless customization of floor layouts, including adding names and images to accurately represent different areas of the building.

To create a Floor Plan from the dedicated section, administrators need to:

  1. Insert a name for the plan
  2. Upload a custom image of the actual Floor Plan

Once created administrators can select the Smart Locks from the list on the right and drag&drop them wherever they need into the Floor Plan

Browse and Monitor Locks

In the Floor Plans area, administrators can navigate through existing floor plans. They can observe the arrangement of smart locks on each plan and access comprehensive lock information. This encompasses battery status checks, review of lock events, and access to pertinent lock details.

Administrators can:

  1. Remotely unlock Online Smart Locks.
  2. Review Smart Lock events.
  3. Access technical specifications of Smart Locks.

This visual representation of smart locks on floor plans enables administrators to effectively manage access control, ensuring security across the building. Moreover the intuitive interface allows for easy navigation through floor plans and quick monitoring of lock statuses, promoting efficient security oversight.

Dashboard Integration

Floor plans created in Luckey are seamlessly integrated into the Dashboard section. Here, smart locks with recent opening events within the selected time range are highlighted on the floor plan. This feature enables administrators to quickly identify areas of activity and potential security concerns.

Luckey’s Floor Plans feature offers a comprehensive solution for visualizing, managing, and monitoring smart locks within building layouts. By empowering administrators with real-time insights and control, it contributes to enhanced security and streamlined operations.