Administrator feature Reading locks events

Through the mobile application it is possible to read the events stored by the locks and synchronize them with the platform. This function is available for Administrator users only and it’s particularly useful in the case of Easy systems where the locks are not connected to a HyperGate that can remotely perform events, and in general, inspect the last recorded events.

To read the events it is necessary to be within Bluetooth range of the lock, press the lock key available in the lock list for about two seconds, and wait for the action menu to open. The “Read door lock events” option is at the bottom. By clicking on the option, the phone will connect via Bluetooth to the lock and a screen will open where the events present in the memory of the selected lock will be displayed (Figure 43 and Figure 44).

In addition to inspecting the lock events, sending these events to the platform is possible so that they are also available from the management Web portal. To do this, simply click on the “Synchronize events remotely” button and wait for the synchronization to end.

Warning – Feature limitations. This function is available only for Easy and Smart Systems. For privacy and data confidentiality reasons, this feature is only available to Admin users
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