Zapfloor Integration: Activation Steps

This article outlines the process for activating the integration between Luckey and Zapfloor using a connector developed to link the two platforms.

Steps for Activation

  1. The user activates the integration from the Luckey Store. Activating the integration will let you obtain  the Luckey URL and the API KEY for the next step 
  2. Creating the Connector from zapfloor: Login into zapfloor and sets up a connector by entering:
    • Luckey URL
    • Luckey API KEY
  3. Once the connection is created, from the zapfloor interface you’ll be able to:
    • Synchonize your zapfloor users into Luckey
    • Synchronize smart locks into zapfloor
    • Associate meeting rooms with access groups

    The Zapfloor customer support team assists the customer during this setup.