Where do I find the Location Name?

The Location Name it’s a unique term associated with a specific company or building that you are affiliated with and wish to access.

Finding Your Location Name:

  1. Communication from Administrators: In most cases, your system administrators or facility managers will provide you with your designated Location Name. This could be communicated through official channels such as emails, memos, or direct communication.
  2. Registration Email: When you first registered with Luckey, you received a registration email. This email contains important information, including your Location Name. If you have trouble finding it, search for terms like “Location Name” or check the initial registration email you received from Luckey.

Using Your Location Name:

  1. Application Access: To use the Luckey Mobile Application, you’ll be prompted to enter your Location Name during the login process. This is a one-time requirement to ensure proper access to your designated areas.
  2. Authorization: After entering the correct Location Name, the application will verify your credentials and grant you access to the relevant locations. Remember, accurate input of your Location Name is crucial for seamless access.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues with your Location Name or are unsure about the correct input, please reach out to your system administrators or Luckey support for assistance.