What Smart Locks can I open?

Curious about the smart locks you can access? Here’s how you can find out.

Head over to the Home Explore Action button. There, you’ll see two useful sections: Virtual Keys and Cards.

1. Virtual Keys Section:

  • In the Virtual Keys section, you’ll find a list of smart locks you can open using your smartphone.
  • Look for the details: date intervals, time slots, and specific days when you have access.
  • Feel free to search for a particular smart lock if you have one in mind.

3. Cards Section:

  • In the Cards section you’ll spot RFID cards assigned to you.
  • Check out which smart locks you can open with each card.
  • Like before, you’ll find the access details: date ranges, time frames, and days available.

So, whether it’s your smartphone or an RFID card, you’ve got the power to access specific smart locks. For more info, remember to check out the Virtual Keys and Cards sections under the Home Explore Action button.

Got more questions or need assistance? Reach out anytime. Your access experience matters, and we’re here to help you make the most of it!