Manage User Mobile devices limitation

The Luckey system has a control active by default whereby each user has a Device ID associated with his username which prevents access to different mobile devices with the same account. You can manage the activation or deactivation of this control via the settings menu.

Limited Smartphone control

If the control is active, when the user logs in to the mobile application, their device will be registered and associated with their user. This way you will not be able to use the same Luckey account on a different device or transfer it to third parties. You can remove the association if the user wants to sign in on a new device with the same account

Unlimited Smartphone control

If control is disabled, each new user created will be able to use the same account on different devices simultaneously. You can also activate or deactivate this control for each user during creation and modification

Smartphone association states

Here’s a list and the description of each state of the smartphone-user association:

  • No smartphone limit: The user can use multiple smartphones simultaneously with his user account
  • Smartphone paired: The user has a smartphone associated with his user account. You will not be able to use your account on other smartphones
  • Smartphone never paired: The user does not yet have a smartphone associated with his account
  • Waiting for re-pairing: The smartphone pairing has been canceled. Waiting for the user to pair a new smartphone

How to Set Device Control for All Users

In the settings, administrators can select the control option (limited or unlimited) as the system default for all new users. This allows administrators to streamline the process and ensure consistency in device control settings across the organization, promoting efficiency and uniformity in access management.