What is the Location Name and how to use it?

When we create your new Luckey access control system, we dedicate an isolated portion of the Sofia cloud access control system to you. This portion is identified by what we call Location Name (or system name). Normally it coincides with the name of your company or your building, but it’s up to you! You will use the Location name to access both the Luckey Web and Mobile Application.

Luckey Web Application

Once you choose the Location Name and the Luckey system is up and running, you can reach the Luckey Web Platform at the following URL:


Once there you can access it with your Administrator email and password.

Luckey Mobile Application

Location Name is also required to access the Luckey Mobile Application. When a user first opens the application it will request to insert the Location Name and then its email and password.

The location name is always communicated to Administrators by the Sofia Team in the Luckey system’s first configuration, and communicated to Users via email every time a new user is created.