Use the F9000 key credential

Once an F9000-type credential has been created in the platform, it is necessary to pass the key from a validation point in order for the access credential to become effective and start opening the assigned cylinders. To validate it, you can use physical validators installed in the building or via the mobile application for the F9000 ON keys

Physical key validators

Physical validators are wall or desk devices connected to the field controller through which the F9000 keys can be updated and validated.

The procedure is very simple: just insert the key into the validator and wait for the validator LED to turn green. The key is ready to be used!

F9000 desk validator

Validate the F9000 key using the Mobile Application

If you have an F9000 ON key, you can validate your credentials via the mobile application. From the mobile application, it is possible to access the F9000 section through the Explore menu and then access the list of F9000 credentials associated with your user and the F9000 validation page.

On the validation page there is a message inviting you to press the side button of the F9000 key, once pressed for a few seconds, the application will automatically identify the key and update the credential. A success or error message will be displayed when the operation is complete.

F9000 validation with the Mobile Application