Supported RFID Cards

In this user guide, we’ll explore the various supported RFID cards that you can use with Luckey, including the Generic Card, Generic Card DESFire, ISEO Card, and ISEO Card DESFire.

Generic Card

The Generic Card is a widely employed RFID card in access control systems. These cards are usually white and utilize MIFARE Classic, Ultralight, and Plus technologies. These cards may also have their UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) printed on the exterior. This serial number plays a crucial role in configuring card access credentials within the Luckey platform. By inputting this number into the platform, you can effortlessly establish and oversee access credentials for this type of card.

A set of Generic MIFARE Classic Cards

Generic Card DESFire

The Generic Cards DESFire utilizes the more advanced MIFARE DESFire® technology. These cards also might come with a printed UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) on the external part of the card. This unique identifier simplifies the process of associating the card with access permissions within your access control system.

A Generic Card DESFire


ISEO Cards are another variant based on the widely used Generic Card, but they come branded with the ISEO logo. These cards use the same technology as Generic Cards and they display the UUID on the card’s exterior. This distinct identification number allows for quick and accurate configuration of access credentials in the Luckey platform.

An ISEO Generic Card


These cards are based on the powerful MIFARE DESFire® technology, providing enhanced security and functionality. They offer the same convenience as the ISEO Card, with their UUID printed externally, making integrating them into your access control system easy.

An ISEO DESFire Card

Tip: HyperDesk Device

In some cases, you may encounter RFID cards that do not have their UUID written on the exterior. Don’t worry; we have a solution for that!

Consider purchasing our HyperDesk device—an external USB reader that can swiftly read the UUID of your cards and display it on your screen. By using the HyperDesk, you can significantly expedite your daily operations and enhance the efficiency of your access control system.

In conclusion, understanding the various RFID card options at your disposal is essential for effective access control and security management.

Whether you opt for Generic Cards, Generic Cards DESFire, ISEO Cards, or ISEO Cards DESFire, each type offers its features and benefits to suit your specific needs. With the added option of the HyperDesk device, you have the flexibility to work with cards that may not display their UUIDs externally. Elevate your access control system today with these supported RFID cards and accessories.