Access Credentials – Smartphones

The Smartphone Access Rules are permissions that allow a User or a group of Users to open one or more Smart Locks in a given date interval and time slot.

Once a Mobile Access rule is created, the selected Users will be able to see and open Smart Locks via Bluetooth in real-time from their smartphone with the Luckey Mobile App.

You can create, update and delete Smartphone Access rules from the dedicated section Access Rules > Smartphone in the Luckey Web Application.

You can freely configure these rules simply by indicating a few basic pieces of information:

  • The list of users that need the authorization
  • The list of doors that users will be able to open
  • Date interval, time slot, and days on which the rule will be active
Selecting Users

You can select Users by using both Special Tags for groups of users, or Default Tags for selecting single Users, the list of currently selected Users is always available in the interface while creating the rule.

Selecting Smart Locks

The same mechanism is applied to select Smart Locks, you can either use Special Lock Tags or Default Lock Tags for selecting a group or a single Smart Lock.

Users and Smart Locks selection

Date and time

The last piece of information needed to create a Smartphone access rule is the validity interval of the credential. You will select:

  • a date interval indicating from which dates the credential will be active and usable by the user
  • a time slot indicating at which time of the day the credential will be valid
  • days allowed indicating in which days of the week the credential will be valid

If the user is trying to use the credential outside the selected date interval or time slot, or on a forbidden day, he will not be able to open the selected Smart Locks with his smartphone.

What doors can open a specific User?

An easy way to check what doors can be opened by a specific User is to go to the Users section in the Luckey Web Application, select the desired user from the list and open its details.
In the Access Rule section, you can see the Smartphone, Card, and F9000 credentials of the user, along with the validity of the rules and the Smart Locks involved. You can also open the rule details by clicking the single row.

User profile and access rules

Revoke a Smartphone Credential

There are two different ways to revoke an access credential to a User.
The first and more direct way is to edit the specific Smartphone Credential and remove the user from the Authorized Users list or you can directly delete the Smartphone Rule.

You can do the same operation on the Smart Locks if your goal is to remove a specific door from a Credential.

Advanced: Another way to revoke the authorization is to edit the User’s Special Tags. If the Smartphone Credential you want to revoke involves a User Special Tag (let’s say Company A), by removing the User from the Special Tag Company A in the Tags section, it will lose the credential instantly.

Using a Smartphone Access Rule

Once a Smartphone Access Rule is created, the selected Users will be able to see and open Smart Locks via Bluetooth in real-time from their smartphone with the Luckey Mobile App.

Users can always check their credentials using the Explore Button in the Luckey Mobile App home screen and selecting the menu Virtual Keys

Virtual Key section

Every action carried out by the User in interacting with a Smart Locks will be present in the Smart Lock Events section in the Luckey Web application.