Smart Locks Special Tags and Groups

A Smart Lock Tag is a label that identifies a single Smart Lock or a group of Smart Locks within the platform.

As for the User Tags, there are two types of Smart Locks Tags:

  • Lock Default Tag
  • Locks Special Tags

In this figure you can see two tags at the bottom of the Lock Row: Office 101 is the Lock Default Tag, while the other one is a Lock Special Tag.

Office 101 is the default Tag, while the other is the Lock Special Tag

Lock Default Tag

The Lock Default Tag will serve as the Smart Lock’s unique identifier across the platform. The Lock default Tag is automatically created when a Smart Lock is added to your system and will coincide with the Smart Lock Name. You can use a Lock Default Tag, for example, to create an Access Rule specifically for a single Lock.

Smart Locks Special Tags

Smart Locks Special Tags are useful for organizing your Smart Locks in groups and selecting them, for example, when you are creating an access rule. For example, if you need to create an access rule for all the Smart Locks belonging to the Tag Parking doors, just select that Tag to easily select all the locks in the parking area.

Selecting the special tag you will select all the Smart Locks belonging to that Tag (group)

Smart Locks, as well as Users, can belong to one or more Special Tags according to your organizational needs and their use is not mandatory for using the Luckey Web Platform, although is strongly recommended.

Manage Smart Locks Special Tags

You can manage all the Smart Locks Special Tags in the Tags section of the Luckey Web Application. This section allows you to create and edit Smart Locks Special Tags information, add and remove smart locks from the Tag and download a CSV with all the Locks information.

You can also delete a Tag but the operation is forbidden if the Tag is in use in a Smartphone Access Rule. In this case, you need to remove the Tag from the rule first.

Locks Special Tags Section


If you have created an access rule for the locks of the Tag: Parking Doors, if you later add/remove a lock to that Tag, all Users who have an Access Credential for the Smart Lock with that Tag will get/lose the ability to open that door.