Smart Lock’s Offline Mode

For Easy and Smart type of systems, this feature allows you to make a smart lock available for opening to your users even in the absence of an Internet connection on their devices. Enable this feature for smart locks located in places with poor connectivity (garages, warehouses, etc.).

When this feature is active, users will be able to continue using the mobile application and open the smart lock without connection and without synchronizing with the cloud. This can involve risks from a security point of view, for example if you change the user’s Smartphone rules, the changes will only take effect when the user reconnects to the Internet. Use this feature only when needed.

How to activate the Offline Mode on Luckey Web

To activate this functionality for a specific Smart Lock, you need to go to the Locks screen, select the desired smart lock and view its details.
To make the lock available offline to your users, simply select the option and set a forced synchronization time with the cloud, expressed in minutes, hours, or days. This setting guarantees that users will be able to open the smart lock in the absence of an Internet connection for a limited period, at the end of which they will necessarily have to connect to the Cloud again. The purpose of this setting is to prevent users from being logged out of the system for too long without receiving any credential updates.

Once activated, the smart lock will be available offline for all users of the system. In the next chapter, we will show how users can use these locks.

Offline Mode View

Offline Smart Locks Events

When a smart lock has been made available offline, all opening events generated by a user in the absence of an Internet connection will only be visible in the Web platform when the user reconnects to the Internet.

For this reason, when a smart lock is available offline, a warning will be shown in the Smart Lock events section indicating that some system events will not be available in real-time. Furthermore, whenever a user activates the Offline Mode on his device, a new Event will be shown to indicate that the user can access the smart locks even without an Internet connection.

How to use an Offline Smart Lock on Luckey Mobile App

When a smart lock has been made available offline by the Administrator, it will be visible in the mobile application in the appropriate section in the Settings menu. From this section, the user can activate and deactivate the Offline Mode and have visibility on the list of smart locks that are available in this mode.
Once activated, the user will immediately have offline access to all locks available in the list upon activation. The procedure for opening an offline smart lock is completely identical to the online opening of a traditional smart lock, no other additional action is required by the user.

Offline Screen