Open a Smart Lock with Luckey Mobile Application

Once a User has downloaded and login into Luckey Mobile Application with a valid account, he will be prompted to the application Home View.

In the home view, the User will see the name of the Location he’s logged in, its account data, and more importantly the list of the Smart Locks in the Bluetooth range.

Luckey Home View

By pressing the correct Smart Lock on the screen, the User’s smartphone will send an opening command via Bluetooth to the correct Smart Lock and open it.

For the opening command to succeed the following pre-conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The user has a valid and active account
  • The user Bluetooth is active on its smartphone
  • The Smart Lock is within the Bluetooth range (max 10 meters)
  • The user has a valid credential to open that Smart Lock

Note: for Android devices prior to Android 12, Location Permission is required in order to find and open Smart Locks.

What door can I open with my Smartphone?

Users can always check what Smart Locks can open, by pressing the Explore Button in the bottom-right corner and selecting “Virtual Keys”. This will open the following list of the User Virtual Keys along with the Smart Locks he can open and the validity dates and times of the credential.

User Credential List