Luckey Visitors Management

Welcome to the Luckey Addon Visitors Management addon, with this extension, administrators, and receptionists can efficiently handle visitor registration, and check-in/check-out processes, and access insightful analytics.

Creating a Visit

To create a new visit, administrators can navigate to the Visitors Management section within the Luckey web application. From here, they can register a new visitor by entering the visitor’s name, last name, and email. Optionally, administrators can also insert the email of the visitor’s host. Once the visit is created, the host will receive an email notification advising them that the visitor has arrived in the building.

Administrators also have the option to schedule a future visit by specifying the date and adding any relevant notes for the visitor. In this scenario, the visitor will receive a reminder email containing the date, the referent, and the notes provided by the administrator. Additionally, visitors will receive a unique code that can be used for both check-in and check-out processes using the visitor’s kiosk application.

Note: A quick action feature is available in the visitor creation flow, allowing administrators to assign RFID card or smartphone credentials to the new visitor in just a few clicks.

Visitors Registry

In the Visitors screen of the Luckey Web Application, administrators have access to a comprehensive registry of all visitors’ data. From here, they can filter the registry based on various criteria, view statistics, and export the registry as needed. This registry serves as a crucial resource for compliance and GDPR purposes, providing administrators with valuable insights into visitor activity within the building.

Visitors check in and check out

The Luckey visitors management addon enables visitors to conveniently check in and check out, allowing administrators to keep track of visitor passage effectively.

Visitors have the option to check in and check out:

  • Using the Visitors Kiosk Application and the unique visitor code received via email
  • Directly from a dedicated webpage accessible via the invitation email.
  • Alternatively, visitors can check in at the reception, where receptionists can directly manage visitor check-in from the visitor registry in the Luckey Web Application.

Schedule a Visit from the Luckey Mobile Application

From the visitors section within the Luckey mobile application, users can initiate the process of creating a visit for a specific user. By accessing the designated visitors interface, users can input the necessary details for the visit, including the visitor’s name, contact information, and purpose of the visit.

Once the visit details have been entered, users have the option to schedule the visit for a specific date, ensuring that both the user and the visitor are aware of the planned arrangement. Additionally, users can include any relevant notes or instructions for the visitor to provide clarity and guidance upon arrival.

Luckey Visitors Kiosk Application

Sofia provides a dedicated Kiosk Application for the Visitors Management addon, designed to run on the HyperTouch industrial tablet. This application is typically placed in the reception area and serves as a user-friendly interface for visitors. Walk-in visitors can register themselves using the kiosk application, while pre-invited visitors can conveniently check in and check out using their unique visitor code.

By following the instructions outlined in this comprehensive user guide, administrators and receptionists can effectively manage visitor flows, enhance security measures, and ensure a seamless experience for all visitors using the Luckey Addon Visitors Management. Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.