Luckey Users and Roles, a small guide

The Luckey Cloud Access Control System provides three types of users:

  1. Administrators
  2. Users
  3. Installers

All these three types of users can be managed, created, and deleted from the Luckey Web Application.


Administrators are the users that can have access to the Luckey Web Application, so they are able to manage other users in the Luckey System, manage access rules, view access events, and all the other features in the Luckey Web Application.

They can also use the Luckey Mobile Application to access doors if authorized.

Administrators Management page


They are the account that can only access the Luckey Mobile Application. They are created and managed by the Administrators from the Luckey Web Application.

When a new user is created, he will receive an activation email to set his own personal password. From that moment on the user will be able to login into the Luckey Mobile App and start opening doors.

See the article Create and Manage Users for more details!


Installer users are particular users that can configure, install and maintain a Luckey System. They are created and managed by Administrators from the Luckey Web Application.

To act on the system the Installer needs to have a valid and active account and login to the configuration application called Jago Tools.

Moreover in order to install new smart locks in the system, it is necessary to activate the Installation mode. This can be done by an authorized Administrator on the Luckey Web Platform in the “Installers” section. If the installation mode is not active, the Jago Tools setup application will not be usable.

See the related article for more information.

Installer and Installation mode management