Luckey Store and Credits – FAQs

What is a Luckey Credit?

A Luckey Credit is a unit of currency or value within the Luckey system. It is a digital credit that customers can purchase and use to acquire software extensions, and specialized services from the Luckey Store.

Luckey Credits provide customers with flexibility and convenience in managing their licensing and service needs, allowing them to optimize their usage and streamline their operations.

What happens when the credits run out?

When Luckey Credits run out, the Luckey System enters a “frozen” mode for 30 days, to ensure limited functionality and preserve essential operations. 

In the Luckey Frozen mode:

  • New user creation is disabled: The system does not allow the creation of new users within the Luckey System.
  • Lock management restrictions: Adding new locks or modifying existing lock configurations is not possible during this mode.
  • Plug-in and add-on activation/deactivation suspended: The ability to activate or deactivate plug-ins and add-ons is temporarily suspended.
  • Database modifications: Modifications to the system’s database, such as adding or removing data, are restricted.
  • Software Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the system are not guaranteed

Despite these limitations, the Luckey System still ensures the fundamental functionality of allowing door openings.  Access control operations, such as using badges or physical keys, can continue to function as long as they were properly configured before entering the Frozen mode.

We encourage customers to maintain an adequate balance of Luckey Credits to ensure uninterrupted system functionality and to reach out to our support team for any further assistance or clarification regarding the impact of expired credits on their Luckey System.

How can I recharge my Luckey Wallet?

To recharge your Luckey Wallet simply reach out to your dedicated Sofia sales representative, who is responsible for your system and ensuring your satisfaction. They will assist you in recharging your Luckey Wallet with the necessary Luckey Credits.

Whether you need to replenish your credits or have any questions regarding the recharge process, your Sofia sales representative will be there to support you and ensure a seamless experience. Feel free to contact them at your convenience to initiate the Wallet recharge and continue enjoying the full benefits of the Luckey System.

I see a Luckey Store Item that I cannot activate or purchase, what can I do?

In some cases, you may come across Luckey Store Items that are listed in the store but cannot be activated within your Luckey System. This could be due to compatibility issues with the structure of your specific Luckey System. However, there’s no need to worry! If you encounter such an item and wish to activate it, simply get in touch with your dedicated Sofia sales representative.

By reaching out to your Sofia sales representative, they can assess the compatibility of the Luckey Store Item with your system’s structure and provide guidance on the activation process. They have the expertise and knowledge to advise you on the best course of action. Whether it requires adjustments to your system or exploring alternative solutions, your sales representative will work closely with you to ensure a seamless experience.

Remember, the Sofia sales representative is there to assist you in maximizing the value and functionality of your Luckey System. Feel free to contact them whenever you encounter an item in the Luckey Store that you would like to activate but require further assistance or clarification.