Luckey Object Register Add-on

The Luckey digital object register add-on allows you and your collaborators to manage and make available to users any type of item or resource (for example a projector in an office, or a bicycle in an apartment building) and keep track of it.
Individual users can check which objects have been assigned to them in the appropriate section of their personal App.

  • Registry integrated with the control panel and user records
  • Custom and filterable object categories
  • Quick assignment of resources
  • Integration with the calendar for the resource allocation period

Assign an object to a user

To manage all your assignment you can use the Items section in the Luckey Web Application. The creation of a new assignment requires the following information:

  • Item Name: the name of the item you want to register
  • Type: the type of the item (physical item, physical key, digital etc)

These are the only mandatory information required to create a new item in the register. Additionally, you can use the following fields to enrich your records:

  • Description: a description of what is the item and what is for
  • Associated User: you can assign the new item to an existing user. This way the user will see the assigned items from the mobile application
  • Date: you can associate a date to the item, such as delivery or an expiration date
  • Delivery mode: you can select how the item will be delivered to the user and if the signature has been collected
  • Notes: additional notes of this new register record

Once created, if you have assigned the item to a specific user, it will be able to see the assigned item from the Luckey Mobile Application

Create a new record in the registry

See assigned items

Users can see all the items assigned to them using the Explore Menu in the Luckey Mobile Application. By clicking on the Objects button, users will access the list of the assigned items with name and type.

When an object assignment is deleted from the Luckey Web Application, the object will not be visible to the user.

Object list in the Luckey Mobile Application