Luckey HyperTouch: Visitors Application

The HyperTouch Visitors application is designed to enhance visitor management at building receptions. This application simplifies the registration and check-in processes for visitors, ensuring a smooth and secure experience.

When visitors arrive at the building, they can use the HyperTouch tablet to self-register. The intuitive interface guides visitors through the process of entering their personal information and specifying a referent within the building. Once registration is complete, the referent receives an email notification, informing them that their visitor has arrived and is waiting at the reception. This immediate notification helps streamline communication and ensures that visitors are promptly attended to.

For visitors who have been pre-registered or invited to the premises, the HyperTouch Visitors application offers an easy check-in process using a visitor code. Visitors simply enter their unique code into the tablet, which then notifies the referent of their arrival. This feature reduces wait times and improves the overall visitor experience.

Before leaving the premises, visitors can use their visitor code to check out via the tablet. This functionality ensures accurate tracking of visitor movements and enhances security by maintaining an up-to-date log of who is currently on-site.

Note: The HyperTouch Visitors application is only available if the Visitors Management add-on is active in your Luckey system.