Luckey HyperTouch: Bookey Application

The HyperTouch Bookey application connects the tablet with a Bookey resource, offering users a comprehensive overview of resource availability and direct booking functionalities. This application is handy for managing shared spaces such as meeting rooms and workstations.

Upon launching the HyperTouch Bookey application, users are greeted with the current occupancy status of the resource. This real-time display ensures that users are always aware of whether a space is available or occupied. Additionally, the application provides a detailed calendar view of the resource, showing all current and upcoming bookings. This calendar feature allows users to plan their usage effectively by checking the availability of the resource.

One of the standout features of the HyperTouch Bookey application is its ability to allow direct booking from the tablet. Users can reserve the resource without needing to use their smartphones, making the process quick and convenient. To facilitate this, users simply select an available time slot on the tablet and complete the booking process on-screen.

For users who have already booked the resource, the application offers a check-in feature. By entering their email address (which must match the email used for the booking), users can check in for their reservation directly from the tablet. This feature ensures that only authorized users can access the booked resource.

Note: The HyperTouch Bookey application is only available if the Bookey add-on is active in your Luckey system.