Luckey HyperTouch: a small guide

Welcome to the HyperTouch guide! HyperTouch is the cutting-edge platform developed by Sofia, a part of ISEO, that revolutionizes access control technologies by providing a versatile digital information channel within buildings’ spaces. This guide will walk you through the features and benefits of HyperTouch, as well as provide information on how to leverage its capabilities for your flexible space management.

HyperTouch is an Android tablet designed for industrial and enterprise use cases, specifically engineered to operate continuously 24/7. It features robust connectivity options such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted communication. With its durable design and resilient performance, HyperTouch is ideal for demanding environments where constant operation is required.

Evolution of Access Control Technologies

HyperTouch represents the next step in the evolution of access control technologies. With its cloud-native architecture, it offers a modern approach to building security management, combining financial and operational flexibility. By adopting HyperTouch, you can transform your space management practices and enjoy a fully human-oriented experience.

Enhanced Space Management

HyperTouch introduces a range of advanced features to enhance your space management capabilities. It natively supports sharing of resources, booking logics, fitting, and destination switching, empowering you to design your real estate business according to your unique needs. With HyperTouch, you have the tools to optimize the utilization of your spaces and create personalized and configurable login experiences.

Remote Access Control Configuration

Flexibility is a key aspect of modern buildings, and their security needs can change frequently. HyperTouch allows you to configure the access control method remotely through the Luckey platform. This means you can easily adapt and modify access control settings as per your requirements, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

HyperTouch Devices

HyperTouch devices are essential components of the platform, enabling you to create a personalized and configurable login experience for your flexible space.

These devices support various access control methods, including:

  1. RFID
  3. QR Code Reader
  4. Temperature Sensor
  5. Custom Mobile App

By utilizing these devices, you can ensure secure and convenient access to your spaces, tailored to the preferences of your users.

The Modern Smart Building App Development Platform

HyperTouch provides a digital platform that allows you to install applications directly on building doors. With this feature, you can create customized applications that cater to the needs of your building’s users. The platform offers a reliable hardware infrastructure that supports your application development endeavors.

What you can create with an HyperTouch?

  • QR Code Digital Scanner
  • Meeting Rooms Management
  • Smart Lockers Temporary
  • COVID Entrance Check
  • Time Attendance Integration
  • Community Management

These features empower you to create a seamless digital experience for building occupants, enhancing their overall satisfaction and productivity.

Important notice. Please remind that HyperTouch is a development platform and requires a custom mobile application to work!

Integration with Luckey Cloud

The Luckey cloud serves as a secure and reliable platform for delivering apps and services developed by third-party software developers and integrators. By integrating with the Luckey cloud, you can leverage its capabilities to interact with access controls and other field data available in the building.

The Luckey cloud takes care of the following:

  • Exposing field hardware features to apps through a simplified APIs ecosystem
  • Providing a full digital twin of the door to integrators and third-party apps
  • Acting as a high-interaction touch point for an enhanced user experience

By relying on the Luckey cloud, you can extend the functionalities of HyperTouch and create a comprehensive and integrated smart building environment.