Luckey HyperGate LITE and HyperGate Pro

When it comes to access control, the right choice can make all the difference. Explore the key differences between HyperGate LITE and HyperGate Pro to find the perfect solution for your unique needs.

FeatureHyperGate LITEHyperGate Pro
Smart Lock and devices compatibilityBluetooth 5 DevicesBluetooth 4 & 5 Devices
On-Field IntegrationsNoGPIO for On-Field Integrations
USB Ports for ExtensionNoMultiple USB Ports
Network ConnectivityEthernet or Wi-FiEthernet and Wi-Fi (Single Model)
PoEYes, embeddedYes with adapter
Remote OpenYesYes
RFID Card Event CollectionYesYes
Real-time Whitelist SyncYesYes

HyperGate LITE: Affordable and Convenient

  • Ideal for those seeking cost-effective access control.
  • Maintains essential functionalities such as remote opening, RFID card event collection, and real-time whitelist synchronization.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 5 devices for efficient access management.

HyperGate Pro: Versatile and Powerful

  • Designed for special projects and tailored access control needs.
  • Compatible with both Bluetooth 4 and Bluetooth 5 smart locks and accessories.
  • Offers GPIO for on-field integrations and multiple USB ports for extensions.
  • Supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi in a single model, providing flexibility and adaptability.

The choice between HyperGate LITE and HyperGate Pro depends on your project’s unique demands. Whether you require a budget-friendly solution with essential features or a versatile powerhouse for specialized projects, Luckey has you covered. Unlock the full potential of your access control system and choose the HyperGate that suits your needs.