Luckey Communication Add-on

Make communication with users smart thanks to Luckey’s virtual bulletin board! This extension allows you to send messages to both users and individuals in a simple and efficient way.
All communications can be managed through the App in real-time.

  • Simplify and optimize communication with users;
  • Send alerts to both the community and the individual;
  • Update your users in real-time.

Facilitate the formation of communities within your building and keep users up to date on the latest news and communications.

Reach your users immediately with the simplicity of the Luckey App!

Create a Communication

To manage all your communications to your users you can go to the Communications section in the Luckey Web Application.

To create a new communication, the following information is required:

  • Title: this is the title of your message, make it meaningful for your users so they will understand the content of the message
  • Message: insert here any kind of message you want to share with your users
  • Communication Visibility: this is the period during which the communication will be visible to your users

Once saved, the communication is ready and available for your users from the Luckey Mobile Application

Create a communication in the Luckey Web Application

Read a Communication

Users can read communications using the Explore Menu in the Luckey Mobile Application. By clicking on the communication button, users will see all the visible communications available and read them directly from the mobile application.

Bulletin Board in the Luckey Mobile Application