Luckey Basic and Luckey Enterprise: a comparison

Luckey Basic is an entry-level access control solution designed explicitly for small-scale systems. It offers a simplified interface and cost-effective option for efficient security management. Luckey Basic provides basic features to meet the specific needs of small businesses and allows for the management of access permissions, entry logs, and real-time activity monitoring.

Luckey Basic seamlessly integrates with Easy and Smart Systems (see What is my Access Control Architecture?) ensuring a smooth implementation process.

It supports various functionalities, including guest user management, MIFARE and DESFIRE card support, PIN code support, smartphone and virtual key access, admin history logs, door history logs, and cloud integrations with API.

However, Luckey Basic has certain limitations compared to Luckey Enterprise, the full-featured version. In Luckey Enterprise, you can enjoy additional advanced features such as data on-lock credentials, unlimited maximum elements, maximum lock groups, and user groups, end-user technical support, a data analytics dashboard, mobile integrations with SDK, multi-site management, analytics, groups management, custom logo, custom manager roles (ACL), massive user import, export to Excel, single sign-on, custom mobile app, HTTP webhooks, BMS integrations, energy-saving management, custom fields/attributes, communication options, object registry, capacity management, invitations, and Bookey: reservation management.

Luckey Enterprise offers an extensive range of features and additional integrations to cater to the growing needs of businesses. It provides a seamless upgrade path from Luckey Basic, allowing users to unlock the full potential of advanced access management capabilities.

Whether you choose Luckey Basic or upgrade to Luckey Enterprise, Luckey’s access management solutions aim to provide convenience, reliability, and security for your small business.

Luckey Enterprise
Guest user managementYesYes
MIFARE and DESFIRE cards supportYesYes
PIN code supportYesYes
Smartphone and Virtual KeyYesYes
Admin History LogsYesYes
Door History LogsYesYes
Cloud integrations with APIYesYes
Supported ArchitecturesEasy, SmartAll architectures
Max elements600Unlimited
Max locks groups2*Unlimited
Max user groups2*Unlimited
End-user technical supportNOIncluded
Data Analytics DashboardNOYes
Mobile integrations with SDKNOYes
Multi-site managementNOYes
Groups managementNOYes
Custom logoNOYes
Custom manager roles (ACL)NOYes
Massive User ImportNOYes
Export to ExcelNOYes
Mechatronic Keys F9000NOAdd-on
Single Sign ONNOAdd-on
Custom mobile appNOAdd-on
HTTP WebhooksNOAdd-on
BMS IntegrationsNOAdd-on
Energy Saving ManagementNOAdd-on
Custom Fields/AttributesAdd-onAdd-on
HyperSensor DS ManagementAdd-onAdd-on
Object RegistryNOAdd-on
Capacity ManagementNOAdd-on
Bookey: reservation ManagementAdd-onAdd-on
* If no additional software extension present