Luckey Addon: Custom fields

The Luckey Custom Fields addon empowers you to enhance access control management by adding custom fields to your Users and Smart Locks. With Luckey Custom Fields, you gain flexibility, control, and the ability to tailor your access control system to meet your unique requirements.

Manage Custom Fields

You can access the Custom fields management section from the dedicated section in your Luckey Web Settings. In the Custom Fields Management Section, you’ll be able to see and create new custom fields for your Users and Smart Locks.

Create a new custom Field

To create a new custom field, the following data are required:

  • Name of the field: this is what will be displayed in the Luckey Web Application
  • Field type: this can be of the following types, Numerical, Date and plain text

Once the custom field is created, you can see it in the User of Smart Lock form and valorize it.

Custom field filtering

Once you have created a new Custom Field, you will be able to filter both Users or Smart Locks using the custom field name and search value.

The filtering feature allows you to efficiently manage your Users and Smart Locks. Sort and search based on custom fields, enabling you to quickly find the information you need and streamline your access control management process.