Invitation codes and temporary users

This Luckey add-on allows you to create temporary access credentials that can be shared with your guests using an Invitation Code. The user can then redeem the invitation code using the Luckey Mobile Application and access your spaces without the need of creating a standard Luckey account with a username and password.

Invitations Section

Once the Invitation add-on is active on your system, the new section “Invitation” will be available on the Luckey Web Portal. There you can see all the Invitations previously created, delete them and create a new invitation. You can switch between two view modes to see your invitation: Calendar and List.

Invitations Section

Create a new Invitation

To create an invitation you will be asked for the following data:

  • Invitation Name: a descriptive name that will be associated with the Invitation. This will be visible only to you and other collaborators
  • Smart Locks: these are the Smart Locks that will be available to the user that will use the invitation
  • Invitation Validity: indicate the start and end date and time of credential validity
  • Number of Devices: the number of unique devices that can redeem the invitation code
  • Access Time Slot: indicates the daily time slot in which the user will be able to open the selected Smart Locks for the duration of the invitation
  • Days Allowed: days of the week when the invitation is valid

Once created, the system automatically creates an Invitation Code, an alphanumeric code that you can easily share with your guests via Email, Whatsapp, and other applications directly from the Luckey Web Application.

When a user redeems the Invitation Code with the Luckey Mobile Application, will be able to open the Smart Locks you have selected in the chosen validity interval and time slot.

If you delete an Invitation the user will instantly lose his credentials and will no longer be able to access your spaces.

Invitation Details

Warning: Once created, an Invitation cannot be modified.

Redeem an Invitation Code using the Luckey Mobile Application

To Redeem the code, a user just needs to download the Luckey Mobile Application and on the login screen click on the button “I have an invitation code”.

After inserting the code the user is ready to open the doors assigned to the invitation. Please be aware that the invitation has an expiration date, the user can check it in the Luckey Home Screen below the Location Name.

Luckey Home screen with invitation detailsRedeem Invitation Code

Note about the Subscription

With the Luckey Invitation add-on, every active invitation is considered as a user within the Luckey main subscription. If an invitation is shared with multiple devices, it will only count as a single user. This ensures fair and accurate user counting, as each invitation represents a unique individual or entity accessing the system. Whether an invitation is utilized on one or multiple devices, it will still be counted as a single user in the overall subscription allocation. This feature allows for efficient management of your subscription and provides a clear understanding of your usage within the Luckey platform.