Installers users and Installation mode

Installer users are those Luckey users that are authorized to configure and edit the installation of smart locks and smart devices in your system using the Jago Tools mobile application.

These users can add locks, modify existing ones or delete locks already installed, and manage Sofia HyperGates Pro and other smart devices.

Installer users do not have access to the cloud management platform or the Luckey mobile app, they can only access the configuration application Jago Tools (Available for iOS and Android).

Manage installer users

From the dedicated “Installers” section in the Luckey Web application, you and your collaborators can manage the installed users in the system.

To create a new installer user, the following data are required:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Username

Once created, the user will receive an activation email to set his personal password and start using the configuration application Jago Tools.

You can always delete o disable the installer users, which will lose the ability to access the configuration application in real time.

Installation mode

As a security measure, from the “Installers” section, you can enable and disable the Installation Mode, authorization for installer users to make changes in the system using the configuration mobile application.

Luckey installers view