In-App Remote Opening

With In-App Remote Opening, administrators gain the convenience of remotely unlocking smart locks using their mobile devices. Whether at the office, in a meeting, or on vacation, authorized individuals can be granted access with a few taps on the smartphone screen. This eliminates the need for physical keys and allows for efficient access management from anywhere in the world.

Powered by Sofia HyperGate Pro

With Luckey Access Management’s In-App Remote Opening, managers gain the ability to unlock smart locks remotely directly from their mobile devices. By selecting the desired lock and inserting the HyperGate Pro security code, managers can swiftly grant access to authorized individuals. This seamless remote unlocking feature eliminates the need for physical presence or traditional keys, providing convenience and efficiency like never before.

Customizable Visibility

To further customize the access management process, Luckey Access Management offers managers the flexibility to set the visibility of remote-open enabled smart locks in the smart locks list. Through the intuitive Settings -> Appearance menu, managers can easily adjust the visibility settings to meet their specific requirements. Whether the focus is on displaying all remote-open enabled locks or only a select few, this feature provides a streamlined and personalized user experience.

Experience effortless access control with Luckey Access Management’s In-App Remote Opening feature. Managers can remotely unlock smart locks using their mobile devices, thanks to the powerful HyperGate Pro technology. The customizable visibility of remote-open enabled locks further enhances efficiency. Embrace this convenient and secure solution for seamless access management.