HyperLock Elevator Online Data on Card: solutions

Resolutions from Remote

1) Verify user credentials and possible change of smartphone/card permissions in real time to allow access
2) Verify that the user is logged into the app and has an associated mobile UUID from Luckey Backoffice
3) Verify with the user that he/she has Bluetooth on the phone and is not connected to any other BLE devices (e.g., headset, car, etc.)
4) Remotely unlock the floor the user needs to go to by pressing the “open” button on the specific “gate”
5) Ask the user to try with any other elevator present

Field Resolutions

1) Attempt to open with passe-partout badge
2) Attempt to open with a passe-partout smartphone.
3) If Atlas is found to be offline by Luckey, go to the room where the system is installed and restart the malfunctioning Atlas by pressing the “reset” key
4) If possible, use the stairs