How to use your Luckey Credits in the Luckey Store

Each item available in the Luckey Store is defined by two important aspects: the Activation Cost and the Burn Rate.

The Activation Cost represents a one-time fee that you need to pay to activate the item and start utilizing its features. It ensures that you have access to the item and can begin taking advantage of its benefits right away.

On the other hand, the Burn Rate refers to the monthly consumption of credits associated with the item. The Burn Rate determines the number of credits that will be deducted from your Luckey Wallet monthly while using the item.

Luckey Store Item activation view

By understanding the Activation Cost and Burn Rate of each item, you can make informed decisions about which items to activate and how to manage your Luckey Credits effectively. This ensures that you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with using different items from the Luckey Store.

At Sofia Locks, we strive to provide transparent pricing models and empower you to optimize your Luckey experience while maintaining full control over your budget and credit usage.

A Simple Use Case

Now let’s see a simple use case on how to use your credits and purchase a store item in the Luckey Store.
Our protagonist is John,  Coworking Operator utilizing the Luckey system that wants to buy the Luckey meeting rooms management addon.

  • John navigates to the Luckey Store section, where he can explore various plug-ins and special services to enhance his coworking operations.
  • John selects a specific item that he believes will greatly benefit his coworking, such as the “Advanced Reservation Management Addon.”
  • In the item’s description, John reviews the Activation Cost, which represents a one-time fee to activate the item, and the Burn Rate, indicating the monthly credits consumption associated with the item.
  • John clicks on the “Activate” button associated with the selected item.
  • A confirmation prompt appears, notifying John of the Activation Cost and the estimated monthly credits consumption (Burn Rate) for the item.
  • John confirms his intent to purchase the item and activates it
  • The Luckey Web application deducts the Activation Cost from John’s Luckey Credits balance and initiates the activation process for the item.
  • John now has access to the newly activated item, the “Advanced Reservation Management Addon,” and can start utilizing its advanced features to streamline reservation management at his facility.

The Luckey Wallet automatically deducts the monthly credits consumption (Burn Rate) from John’s Luckey Credits to sustain the usage of the item.

By utilizing his Luckey Credits, John successfully purchases and activates the desired item from the Luckey Store. This enables him to enhance his coworking operations, optimize reservation management, and provide a better experience for his users. John continues to monitor his Luckey Credits balance to ensure he has sufficient credits for ongoing usage and any future purchases from the Luckey Store.