How to use NFC and QR Codes

We are pleased to introduce you to our innovative HyperTags – small NFC tags embedded with QR codes designed to enhance your access experience. This guide is designed to help you navigate the functionalities of these tags, ensuring seamless and efficient usage.

How to use HyperTags

HyperTags are compact NFC tags integrated with QR codes, serving as versatile access tools for various scenarios.

1. Opening Smart Locks:

  • If a HyperTag is associated with a specific Smart Lock, you can initiate access by scanning the NFC tag or the QR code using our dedicated mobile application.
  • Upon scanning, the associated door will be unlocked, offering convenience and efficiency.

2. Managing Resources:

  • HyperTags extend beyond Smart Locks. They can also be linked to Resources.
  • When a HyperTag is associated with a Resource, scanning it can trigger specific actions, such as check-ins for reservations.

Background Scanning

One of the remarkable features of HyperTags is their ability to be scanned in the background. Gently tapping your phone against the HyperTag will prompt our mobile application to awaken automatically and execute the corresponding action.

Please note that for a successful experience:

  • Ensure your mobile application is updated to the latest version.
  • Grant necessary permissions to the application for NFC functionality and background scanning.

For any inquiries or assistance, our support team is always available. We aim to ensure that your experience with HyperTags is both efficient and secure.

Thank you for embracing the Sofia part of ISEO technology to elevate your access journey.