Create and manage Users with no Email

Luckey recognizes the importance of accommodating a wide range of users, each with unique access requirements. To address this need, Luckey offers a feature that allows administrators to create users without requiring an email address.

These users won’t have Luckey accounts, meaning they won’t be able to use the mobile application and mobile access keys. However, they can be assigned alternative access methods such as RFID cards, PIN codes, and F9000 keys, making it a versatile solution for various access control scenarios.

Why Create Users Without Email Addresses?

Before delving into the practical aspects, let’s explore why you might choose to create users without email addresses in Luckey:

1. Diverse User Base: Your organization may encompass a broad spectrum of individuals, including temporary staff, contractors, or personnel with limited email access. Creating accounts for them may not be necessary or efficient.

2. Streamlined User Management: By bypassing the email registration process, you can expedite user creation, eliminating the need to send emails and manage account setups.

3. Tailored Access Methods: Users without email addresses can still enjoy secure access through other methods, such as RFID cards or PIN codes, aligned with their roles and responsibilities.

Creating Users Without Email Addresses: A Seamless Process

Creating users without email addresses in Luckey is straightforward and user-friendly. It ensures that you can establish a user registry without the burden of sending email invitations.

If a user’s access requirements evolve, you can edit their profile at any time, add their email address, and grant them access to the mobile application when necessary. This transition empowers users to set their own password and obtain a valid Luckey account.

In summary, Luckey’s feature for creating email-free users enhances access control efficiency and adapts to the diverse needs of your organization. Whether for temporary staff, contractors, or those with limited email access, this feature ensures access management remains flexible and user-centric.

In the world of access control, where security meets convenience, Luckey continues to pave the way with innovative solutions that cater to the evolving demands of modern organizations.