Create and Manage Users

Users are the simplest type of users in the Luckey system. Once created they can log in to the Luckey Mobile Application and access the facility Doors with their mobile credentials or use Cards assigned to them by the Administrators.

Create a new User

To create a new user, go to the Users section and click the New User button on the top bar.
The system requires you to insert the following data about your new User:

  • Name, Surname, and Company Name: basic information about your User
  • Email: This field will be used by the User as a login credential in the Luckey Mobile Application and to receive notifications
  • Username: a unique identifier for the user, will be used by the Administrators to identify the user in the Web Application

Additionally, you can assign the new user to one or more Special Tags, which is a smart way to help you organize your users into groups and assign them access rules (See the dedicated article)

Once created the User will receive an activation email to set his password and activate his account. From this moment on, the user will be active and will be able to login into the Luckey Mobile Application.

User details

User Mobile Device ID

For security reasons, each user has an associated Mobile Device Id which prevents them from logging in on different mobile devices with the same account. When the user logs in to the mobile application, his Device Id will be recorded and associated with his User Id.
Managers can remove the association from the User’s details if the User wants to login on to a new mobile device with his account.

Disable a User user

Managers can disable a User from the User’s details section, without completely deleting it from the system. The disabled User will no longer be able to access the Luckey Mobile Application and will no longer be able to access any smart locks. The manager will still be able to reactivate the user from the User details section.

Delete a User

A user who is deleted by the manager will be completely removed from the system. The removed user will lose access to the Luckey App in real-time and will no longer be able to access any smart locks. This action is irreversible.