Bookey: Reservations, Check-in and access credentials

Reserve a resource from the Mobile Application

If the Bookey add-on is active in the system, users can access the “Reservations” section in the Luckey Mobile Application using the Explore section in the bottom right corner. In this section, the user can see all the resources available in the system, all its reservations, and the events you have created.

To reserve a resource, the user can either select the resource he’s interested in or click the “New reservation” button on the top of the view.

Once selected the resource the user just needs to select the date and time interval of the reservation, if the resource is available on the selected timeframe the reservation will be created.

If the resource is not available in the selected time frame, the system will propose alternative resources, of the same type as the selected one, that is available to be booked.

Once created, the reservation details will be available in the Reservation section of the application where the user can:

  • Add the reservation event to its personal calendar
  • To make Check-in for the reservation (see next chapter)
  • Delete the reservation
Reservation details

Access credentials

Once a user makes a reservation for a resource, if this resource has some Smart Lock associated to it, the user will receive a mobile access credential that will allow him to open the associated Smart Locks for the duration of the reservation.

Check-in and Check-in window

By default for each booking that is created on Bookey, it is requested that the user check in to confirm that the resource is used and busy.

The check-in can be made only during the check-in window that has been set by the administrator for the selected resource.

Once the check-in window is open, the system will send an email to the user as a reminder.

There are two ways to make a check-in:

  • Manual Check-in: user can check-in manually from the reservation detail
  • Smart Check-in: if the resource has a Smart Lock selected as check-in smart lock, the user can automatically confirm the reservation by opening the door with his smartphone during the check-in window.

If the user fails to check-in the reservation will be lost and the resource will be available again.

Avoid Check-in for resources

If you prefer not to require user check-ins for reservation confirmation, you have the option to set certain resources to automatically confirm all reservations.

Create a reservation from the Luckey Web Application

From the Luckey Web Application, administrators can see a calendar with all the reservations in the system and create a new reservation on behalf of another user.

To create a reservation Administrators need to insert the following data:

  • User: the user for whom the reservation is being made
  • Date and time of the reservation
  • Resource: the resource that the user wants to reserve
  • Instant Check-in: by checking this box the reservation will be automatically confirmed and the user will not need to make the check-in
Reservation section

Once created, the administrator can see the reservation details, delete the reservation or make check-in and confirm the reservation on behalf of the user involved in the reservation.