Bookey: Create and Manage resources

Bookey is the Luckey additional module that allows you and your collaborators to create resources in the system, for example, meeting rooms, which users can book independently from the Luckey mobile application.

The Resource is a generic entity that you can personalize and adapt to anything you want to make available and bookable by your users (e.g a meeting, a parking lot, a bike, a locker).

In this article, we will guide you on creating and managing the resources of your building from the Manage resources section in the Luckey Web Application.

Create a new Resource

From the Manage resources section you can start adding the resource by filling in the following information:

  • Name and description: you’re free to insert a name and a description for the resource that will be also visible to your Users.
  • Type: you can create types for your resources. This will help your users identify the correct resources in your building
  • Position: you can set the name for the resource position like “Building A” or “Floor 2”, your users will be able to filter resources based on this field
  • Associated Locks: you can select the Smart Locks associated with the resource. Once a user book the resource will receive a credential to open the selected door
  • Check-in window: you can set the check-in window, that is the time interval before and after the reservation start time in which the user must confirm the reservation of the resource. If the user does not confirm the reservation, the resource will be available again.
  • Authorized users: this field allows to establish which users of the platform will be authorized to book the resource
  • Dates and times: In this section, you can set the time window within which to make it possible for users to book the resource
  • Reservation rules: this set of options allows you to set
    • the maximum time allowed for each reservation of this resource
    • you can prevent users to reserve the resource X minutes before and after a reservation
    • allow the user to access the resource X minutes after a reservation
  • Advanced settings:
    • Penalty Window: it is possible to set a time window before the start of the reservation within which, if the user cancels the reservation, the hours of the reservation will be addressed as penalty hours in the Analytics section.
    • Linked Resources: It is possible to indicate other system resources that can be linked to this resource. If selected, when a user books the primary resource, the linked resources will be occupied for the period of the primary reservation.

Once created, the Resource will be available to all users of your system, or those you have selected for the resource, and can be booked independently from the Luckey Mobile Application.

See the Article Reserve a Resource to learn how you and your users can book resources.