Bookey: Create and manage Events

The Luckey additional module Bookey allows you and your collaborators to manage and create events that will be displayed by your users from the Luckey Mobile Application.

Bookey Events

Create an Event

Events can be managed by the Events section in the Luckey Web Portal. To create a new event you need to fill in the following information:

  • Event name: a descriptive name for the event
  • Description: a public description of the event
  • Image: you can upload an image representing the event, like the cover.
  • Date and time of start and end date and time of the event

You can also provide the following additional information:

  • Location: a description or a maps link to where the event will take place
  • Link: here you can insert a link with additional information for the event (e.g. video, your web page, etc)

Once created, the event information will be available to your users in the Luckey Mobile application.

The Events section presents a calendar with all the events in the selected period, you can click on an event to see its details.

For future events, it is also possible to modify them and in any case delete them. All changes are displayed in real-time by the users in the Mobile Application.

Note: Bookey does not manage event subscriptions or registration. If you are using an external application to manage your event, use this module to advise your users about your upcoming events and use the Link information to redirect your users to the official subscription page.