Bookey: Analytics and reservation rules

The Bookey additional module allows you and your collaborators to see statistics about the usage of your resources. You can easily access them from the Analytics section in the Luckey Web Portal.

From this section, you can view and export all the statistics related to resource bookings, with information regarding:

  • Usage Hours: the number of reservation hours where the user has successfully booked and check-in the resource
  • Total reservations: the number of total reservations
  • Penalty hours: hours assigned to the user when he booked a resource and did not check-in or canceled the booking in the penalty window (if set)

You can also select from which perspective you want to visualize the data:

  • You can consult the statistics from the resources point of view to view, for every resource in the system, the number of users from whom it was used
  • You can consult the statistics from the users’ point of view to view for each user how many resources have been used

You can easily filter and export the statistics for further offline analysis.

Bookey analytics

Reservation Rules

Here’s a small guide to better interpret analytics data highlighting what happens to reservations and analytics after a specific user action.

You can find the same table in the Analytics section of the Luckey Web Portal.

The user books and delete the reservation before the check-in windowResource occupied until cancellation, at the time of cancellation the hours are counted only if the cancellation occurs within the penalty window (if set)
The user makes a reservation and does not check-inThe resource is freed. The booking hours are counted as penalty hours and the booking is counted as lost in the analytics
The user makes the reservation and cancels the reservation during the check-in windowThe resource is freed. Hours are counted as penalty hours only if cancellation occurs within the penalty window (if set)
The user makes a reservation and checks inThe resource is busy and hours of use will be counted
The user makes a reservation, check-in and deletes the current reservationThe resource is freed and the hours will be counted as penalty hours (if set)