Bookey Add-on: Smart Locks and Smart Check-in

Resource Smart Locks

In Bookey, you have the flexibility to assign one or multiple Smart Locks to a resource. For instance, when creating a Meeting Room resource, you can associate the Smart Lock specifically installed in that room. Similarly, when setting up a new locker resource, you can link it with a designated Smart Locker.

By establishing these connections, users who reserve the resource will gain access credentials to the assigned smart locks for the duration of their reservation. This self-service approach ensures seamless and independent access management during their reservation period.

Smart Check-in section in the resource form

Set the Smart Check-in Option for a resource

To ensure the accuracy and availability of each reservation made on Bookey, users might be required to perform a check-in. This check-in process confirms the actual usage and occupancy of the resource.

Please note that the check-in can only be completed within the specific check-in window designated by the administrator for the chosen resource.

Once the check-in window is open, the system will send an email to the user as a reminder.

There are two ways to make a check-in:

  • Manual Check-in: user can check-in manually from the reservation detail
  • Smart Check-in: if the resource has a Smart Lock selected as check-in smart lock, the user can automatically confirm the reservation by opening the door with his smartphone during the check-in window.

If the user fails to check-in the reservation will be lost and the resource will be available again.

To enable the Smart check-in feature for a specific resource, follow these steps in the Luckey Web Application:

  1. Go to the Resource section.
  2. Locate and access the details of the desired resource.
  3. From the resource details page, choose the Smart Locks associated with the resource. This allows users who reserve the resource to receive access credentials for those specific smart locks during their reservation period.
  4. Among the selected Smart Locks, you have the option to designate one as the Smart Lock for check-in. This selection activates the smart check-in feature

Once the smart check-in option is enabled, users can easily confirm their reservation by opening the designated smart lock within the specified check-in window.