Activate Optix Integration

Activate the Integration

Here’s a two-step guide to activate the Integration between your Optix platform and your Luckey System

1. Create Luckey App on Optix

You will be prompted to provide your Optix Organization Credential, to get them please follow the following steps:

  • Go in your Optix System
  • Go into the Apps and Integrations
  • Create a new App
  • You will get the following information: Organization Token

2. Activate Integration on Luckey Web

On you Luckey web application go under Settings > Optix, after inserting the Organization Token you’ll be able to select

  1. Resource Types: you can select the type of Optix resources that will be available for the reservation synchronization
  2. Synchronize all resources: select this option if you want to synchronize all existing resources into the Luckey system

Once confirmed, the integration is active and ready to be used!

Disable the integration

From the same view in the Luckey settings is it possible to disable the integration. If disabled, the user synchronization between the two platform will immediately stop working. However, all users and Luckey Smart Tags that have already been synchronized will remain on the platform.