Activate OfficeRnD Integration


Luckey is the most flexible, easy-to-use, and advanced cloud-based access management system that allows you to manage your buildings remotely in real-time and give access to your users by Smartphone, Cards, or Mechatronic Key.

Luckey and OfficeRnD have been integrated to provide you with a one-stop shop to manage your building and to provide customers with autonomous access to the space using access cards, key fobs, or smartphones to unlock doors.

Activate the integration

To activate the integration between Luckey and OfficeRnD go into the Settings section and click on the OfficeRnD section.

You will be prompted to provide the following information to activate the integration.

Link your OfficeRnD system with Luckey

OfficeRnD Admin portal

This is the custom name of your administrative portal. You can find this information in under Settings -> General in your OfficeRnD portal.

Making your first API request

Application ClientID and ClientSecret 

In order to fill up these fields, you must first create an Application from the Developer Tools of your OfficeRnD Platform. You can find a guide on how to create these kind of applications here!

Note: When creating an Application remember to grand Read and Write permissions

Once confirmed, the two systems are officially linked, allowing: User Synchronization between the two platforms, the OfficeRnD Login and the automatic synchronization of Passes and Luckey Smart Tags.

OfficeRnD Developer Tools Application

OfficeRnD User Synchronization

Once the integration is active, all users created, updated, or deleted on your OfficeRnD platform will be automatically synchronized in real-time into the Luckey system. You can then assign them to doors and access rules, managing them as regular users of the Luckey system.

Note: To let the user use the mobile application you need to give access to the Member App

OfficeRnD Automatic Credentials

Members sent from OfficeRnD to Luckey are automatically assigned to a specific Luckey Special User Tag based on their OfficeRnD Plan

Tip: We suggest creating Smartphone Access rules in Luckey for your OfficeRnD Plans so that when a new user is synchronized and added to the proper User Tag it will automatically get the right mobile credentials.

OfficeRnD Login

The integration allows users to log into the Luckey system using their OfficeRnD credentials. The login will be active automatically after the Integration activation on both the Luckey Web Application and Luckey Mobile Application.

Note: To let the user use the mobile application you need to give access to the Member App