Activate Nibol Integration


Welcome to the comprehensive guide on integrating Nibol with Luckey, a powerful combination for managing space reservations and access control. This integration enables seamless synchronization between Nibol’s booking system and Luckey’s smart lock management, ensuring that users who book spaces through Nibol are automatically granted the necessary access in Luckey for the duration of their reservation. The following guide is designed to walk you through each step of the setup process, first in Luckey and then in Nibol, to ensure a smooth and effective integration. Whether you’re managing a co-working space, an office, or any other facility where space and access need to be efficiently coordinated, this guide will help you streamline your operations. Let’s get started!

Activation Steps

Step 1: Organize your user’s Tags

Luckey User Tags are a smart way to group and organize your users in the Luckey platform, use them to quickly select a set of users, for example, when you are creating a Smartphone Access Rule.

You can manage all the Special Tags in the Tags section of the Luckey Web Application.

This section allows you to create and edit User Special Tags information, add and remove users from the Tag and download a CSV with all the User’s information.

Each user tags is characterized by the following information:

  • Name: use it to search and select the Tag along the platform
  • Category: this will help you identify and distinguish your Tags
  • Color: to characterize the tag
  • Users: all the users that belong to that particular tag

In the next step we are going to see how use the User Tags to manage Nibol Offices.

Manage Luckey User Tags

Step 2: Associate Tags and Nibol Offices

User tags in Luckey are crucial for linking Nibol space reservations to access permissions. Here’s how to setup your users tags:

  • For each Nibol Offices create a corresponding user tag in Luckey.
  • You will then associate the tag to the right Nibol Office in the Nibol interface
  • These tags will be dynamically assigned to users in Nibol when the corresponding office is booked, granting them access for the duration of their reservation.

Step 3: Smartphone Access rules

This setup ensures that when a user books a space in Nibol, they can access the relevant locks in Luckey for the reservation period.

  • Create a Smartphone Access Rule for every Nibol Office you want to control using the integration
  • Link each user tag (corresponding to a Nibol Office) to one or more smart locks.
  • Make sure to verify that the links between tags and locks are correct and functional.
Luckey Smartphone Access rules

Step 4: Finalize Configuration in Nibol

After setting up Luckey, you need to complete the integration process in Nibol.
Follow this guide to finalize the integration!