Activate Cobot Integration


Luckey is the most flexible, easy-to-use, and advanced cloud-based access management system that allows you to manage your buildings remotely in real-time and give access to your users by Smartphone, Cards, or Mechatronic Key.

Luckey and Cobot have been integrated to provide you with a one-stop shop to manage your building and to provide customers with autonomous access to the space using access cards, key fobs, or smartphones to unlock doors.

STEP 1: Set Up Your Plans and Add Members in Cobot

You will connect your members to Luckey from Cobot, so create your plans and add your members to Cobot first. Think about which plans in Cobot should be associated with locks in Luckey.

💡PRO TIP: Make a list of all plans and their access rights before setting up your Luckey account to make the process easier.

  • For example, You may wish to give ‘Drop In’ members access to the front door, Monday to Friday, but ‘Full Time’ members access to all doors in your space 24/7. These are defined as USER TAGS in Luckey.

STEP 2: Set Up Your Luckey Account

Before connecting your accounts, you need to have the following set up in your Lucket account:

  • At least one Location (this is the name you give your property in Luckey)
  • Physical Locks installed on your doors (set up by the Luckey team)
  • At least one default Access Rule involving a default User Tag
    • User Tag and Access rules allow you to set up restrictions based on doors, times, or days of the week. User Tags should match your Cobot plan names where applicable.

If you are unsure how to do any of the above, please reach out to Luckey support from your Luckey dashboard.

STEP 3: Create a new OAuth2 client application in Cobot

To create a new OAuth2 Client Application on Cobot you can go in this web page and follow the official Cobot guideline.

STEP 4: Connect Luckey to Cobot

Once you have done the above, you can now connect your two accounts:

  1. Log in to the Admin side of your Luckey account
  2. In the Luckey setting click on the Cobot logo and fill the following information:
    1. Your Cobot subdomain. This is the section of your cobot URL before
  1. Client Id
  2. Client Secret
  3. Client Token
  4. You can select if you want to synchronize all the users already present in the Cobot platform in Luckey during the activation process

STEP 5: Select Cobot Resource Types

As last activation step, Luckey will ask you to select the types of resources that you want to synchronize in Luckey. Once the integration is active, Luckey will create a Smart Lock Tag for every resource of the selected types you have in Cobot. You can then associate the Smart Locks you want to each group, this way when a user make a reservation for the resource Luckey will create a smartphone credential for that user to open the Smart Locks associated with the Resource.

The credential will be valid for the reservation time

STEP 6: Login into Luckey with Cobot credentials

Once the integration is active, you and your users will be able to login into the Luckey Mobile and Web Application using your Cobot credentials.

Just clicking in the Cobot button will lead you to the Cobot login page, once inserted your credentials you will be logged in to Luckey according to your profile.
Cobot administrators can log into both Luckey Web Portal and Luckey Mobile application, while Cobot regular members can only log in to the Luckey mobile application

STEP 7: Member Interaction

Once your integration is up and running, new members are only added to Luckey once their membership is confirmed in Cobot. This is to ensure people whose memberships have not yet been activated will not be able to access your space before that time.

To confirm your membership, go to Manage » Members » Click on ‘Confirm/Reject’ next to the member name.

Once you confirm them, they will be auto-added to Luckey, and their registration email sent

How Can I See if a Member was added to Luckey from Cobot

You can see if a User has been synchronized from Cobot from your Luckey Web platform’s “Users” section.

There, for every user synchronized from Cobot, you will find a two-arrow symbol, signaling that the user is coming from an external source

Connecting Members With Mobile Access Automatically

Members sent from Cobot to Luckey are automatically assigned to a specific Luckey User Tag based on their Cobot Plan. 

💡Pro tip: In Luckey, create Smartphone Access rules for your Cobot Plans so that when a new user is synchronized and added to the proper User Tag it will automatically get the right mobile credentials

Manually Connecting Members with Cards Access rules

Once a user is synchronized, you can assign him to a Card Access rule exactly like a regular Luckey User. 

Automatic Resources Synchronization

With the Luckey Cobot  integration, we will synchronize your Cobot Resources in Luckey as Smart Locks special Tags. We recommend including all Smart Locks associated with the asset under its Tag. This ensures that when a user reserves the asset, they’ll automatically gain access to all the designated Smart Locks.

Reservation Synchronization

Seamlessly synchronize reservations made in Cobot with Luckey’s access control system. When users make reservations for resources or meeting rooms in Cobot, Luckey automatically generates access credentials for the duration of the reservation. Users can access the reserved resources using their mobile phones, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Disable the integration

To disable the integration just go to the Luckey settings under the cobot section and click disable. After you confirm the deactivation:

  • You will no longer be able to login in to Luckey using your Cobot account
  • Users synchronization will stop

The users already synchronized will remain in the system.