Activate Cloudbeds Integration


Welcome to the comprehensive guide for integrating Cloudbeds with your Luckey platform. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to seamlessly connect your Cloudbeds account with the Luckey system. By following this procedure, you’ll enable efficient management of room and smart lock associations, ensuring a smooth experience for your guests.

Activation Steps

1 – Create API Credentials on Cloudbeds

The first step is to create API credentials for your Cloudbeds platform. This will allow you to connect you Cloudbeds System with Luckey in few simple steps. 


  • As redirect URL please insert the URL of the Luckey Web Platform
  • As permissions, grant reading permissions to the following entities:
    • Roomblock
    • Allotment block
    • Custom fields
    • Data Insight Guests
    • Data Insight Occupancy
    • Guest
    • Reservation
    • Room
    • User

To create your API Credentials please follow the Cloudbeds official guide

2 – Activate the integration

From the prior stage, you’ll require just two key pieces of data: the Cloudbeds ClientId and ClientSecret for your application.

Proceed to the settings section in the Luckey Web Portal. Here, locate the Cloudbeds area. Enter the API Credentials you obtained earlier, then authorize the Luckey application to access information from your Cloudbeds platform.

Following these steps will activate the integration in your Luckey System!

Cloudbeds section in your Luckey platform

Room and Smart Locks Association

For handling rooms association and locks:

  • When there’s a single lock per room, ensure that the smart lock is named after the room.
  • In scenarios where multiple smart locks exist for one apartment, we suggest previously creating a Smart Lock Special Tag with the Room name and then linking each smart lock to its corresponding tag.

Procedure: Pre-create Smart Lock groups in Luckey.

  1. Name these groups after the rooms or suites in your property (e.g., ‘Ocean View Suite’, ‘Garden Room’).
  2. Add all relevant smart locks to each group (e.g., entrance door lock, room door lock).

Ensure that the names of the Smart Lock groups in Luckey match exactly with the room names in Cloudbeds. This is crucial for the automatic rule creation to work correctly.

Consequently, when a reservation is booked through Cloudbeds and a room is assigned to the reservation, an automatic process will create a user profile and generate an access credential. This credential allows the user to access the appropriate smart locks for the duration of their reservation.

Reservations and access credentials

When a new reservation is created in Cloudbeds and a room is assigned, Luckey will automatically create a smartphone access rule:

  • User: The guest who made the reservation. He will receive an email to activate its Luckey account
  • Smart Locks: All locks in the Smart Lock group that corresponds to the assigned room.
  • Access Duration: The guest’s smartphone access is automatically set for the duration of their stay
  • Manual Overrides: If necessary, you can manually adjust or revoke access permissions through the Luckey interface.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up the Cloudbeds-Luckey integration.

This setup will enhance your guest’s experience by providing seamless, secure access to their accommodations, all managed automatically through your Cloudoudbeds reservation system. Remember to regularly update your Smart Lock groups in Luckey to reflect any changes in room configurations or naming in Cloudbeds. This ensures a smooth and efficient operation of the integrated system.