Activate Andcards Integration


Luckey is the most flexible, easy-to-use, and advanced cloud-based access management system that allows you to manage your buildings remotely in real-time and give access to your users by Smartphone, Cards, or Mechatronic Key.

Luckey and Andcards have been integrated to provide you with a one-stop-shop to manage your building and to provide customers with autonomous access to the space using access cards, key fobs or smartphones to unlock doors.

Activate the integration

To activate the integration between Luckey and Andcards go in the Settings section and click on the Andcards section.

1. Get your Andcards API Credentials

You will be prompted to provide your Andcards API Credentials, to get them please follow the following steps:

  • Go to your Andcards Network Settings
  • Select API Credentials from the settings list
  • Create a new API Credentials
  • You will get the following information: Client ID and Client Secret
Your Andcards Client ID and Client Secret

2. Select your Location

Using the Client ID and Secret obtained in the previous step, go to the Andcards section in the Luckey settings. 

There you’ll be required to insert your Client ID and Secret and select the Andcard Location you want to be linked with your Luckey system.

Select your Andcards location

3. All set!

Now the integration is active and your organization is linked with your Luckey account allowing: User Synchronization between the two platforms and the automatic synchronization of Passes and Luckey Smart Tags.

Disable the integration

From the same view in the Luckey settings is it possible to disable the integration. If disabled, the user synchronization between the two platforms will immediately stop working. However, all users and Luckey Smart Tags that have already been synchronized will remain on the platform.