What is my Access Control Architecture?

What’s my architecture?

The Luckey cloud solution supports different types of access control architecture, depending on your needs. Here are four categories of access control architecture that we support

Easy System

The Easy solution is the easiest to install and manage, it does not require wiring and is based mainly on battery-operated Bluetooth locks. This architecture is designed to be used mainly by smartphone credentials, the RFID Card support is present but the update of the badge authorizations does not take place in real-time.

Luckey Easy System


Each door is able to store maximum 300 Cards. The update of a Card does not take place in real-time: the card information will be updated on the smart lock by opening it using a smartphone

Smart System

This solution is an evolution of the Easy System and is designed for those use cases that need to authorize the common RFID Cards remotely.
It requires the installation of one or more Sofia HyperGate connected to the Smart Locks that will synchronize the Cards information in real-time.

This solution also allows Luckey Administrators to remotely open Smart Locks that have been assigned to an HyperGate.

Note: is not necessary to connect all the Smart Locks to an HyperGate. You can choose which Smart Locks you want to control remotely and associate with an HyperGate. You can always modify the association in the future.

Smartphone authorizations will work in real-time as in the Easy System.

Luckey Smart System


Each door is able to store maximum 300 Cards.

Standard System

The Standard System is designed to fully support Cards credentials along with Smartphone credentials. The solution requires the installation of one or more wired gateways connected to perimetral gates of the building, which have the task of validating and reprogramming the card. Once the card is programmed it can open also offline gates during the validation period.

This solution is ideal for every case where there is a high use of Card credentials with respect to Smartphone credentials.

This architecture also supports the use of the F9000 Mechatronic Keys and Cylinder.

Luckey Standard System